Industries in Africa

LABOS is a Reliable Local Partner in Africa that specialises in the provision of Satellite Imagery and Integrated Geo-spatial Solutions for the sustainable growth and development of multiple industries:

Mining, Oil & Gas

Asset management
Baseline mapping
Health and Safety

Water Resource Management

Integrated Systems for holistic management
Hydrological data collection
Catchment delineation, slope calculation
Flow path mapping
Irrigated areas and agriculture,
Soil moisture

Disaster Management

Defence & Security

Emergency Rush Imagery Service
Video Surveillance
Support of emergency events
Global security
Maritime surveillance Disaster Management tool


Spatial Data Infrastructure design & implementation
Route mapping
Optimal route selection


Degree of forest cover change
Biomass estimation
Degradation monitoring
Wide area coverage
Inform Forestry management programmes


Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Portal
Food Security
Drought assessment
Crop type analysis
Crop Status assessment
Land Degradation Percentage Growth

Government & Municipalities

Smart Cities
Network Management System
Digital transition and transformation,
Smart ecosystems (smart grid, smart buildings, smart transportation, smart cities)

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)

Advanced geospatial analytical tools and geoprocessing
Custom Solutions that automate, enhance and streamline customers business process.
Enterprise IT Solutions and system support, software development and data management solutions.
Implementation of secure cloud computing solutions based on customer needs, ranging from commercial to secure proprietary cloud networks

Utilities & Telcommunication

Establish utility data frameworks and spatially enabled management portals
Optimize Investments
Network design (electricity, gas, water, wastewater, telecommunication)
Transition of data to GIS utility applications
Visibility to rate payers