Constellation of 130 Doves orbiting the earth that are able to give you an “image of your site every day”. At 3m resolution, colour corrected imagery is delivered in 4 bands (RGB, NIR) with an archive dating back to 2016. PlanetScope boasts an incredible amount of over 300Mil sqkm of imagery collected daily.

brings you 5 band imagery (RGB, NIR, pan) at 80cm resolution.  Originally launched by google in 2014, a full archive of sensor-calibrated multispectral products are available from the 13 satellites in orbit.

imagery can benefit a wealth of industries offering a red-edge band as well as RGB and NIR. Its imagery is delivered at 5m resolution and dates back to 2009.

satellite collects images at 50cm panchromatic (black-and-white) and 1.65- meter multispectral resolution. The satellite can collect up to 350,000sqkm of pan-sharpened multispectral imagery per day making it ideal for large-scale mapping projects. GeoEye-1 can revisit any point on Earth once every three days or sooner. It enables the geolocation of features to less than 5m accuracy.

is the most spectral diverse commercially available satellite:
1 Panchromatic band,
4 standard VNIR colours: blue, green, red, NIR-1, 4 VNIR bands: coastal, yellow, red edge, and NIR2, 8 SWIR bands: Penetrates haze, fog, smog, dust, and smoke and lastly at 30m resolution 12 CAVIS bands: Maps clouds, ice and snow, corrects for aerosol and water vapor.

launched October 2009, was the first high-resolution 8-band multispectral commercial satellite. Operating at an altitude of 770km, WorldView-2 provides
46 cm panchromatic resolution and 1.85m multispectral resolution.

provides 22m multispectral imagery with a very wide (650-km) swath, assuring very-high-frequency revisit on large areas, especially tailored for agriculture, forestry and monitoring applications at competitive prices. Multispectral capability delivered in 3 channels in visible and near infrared spectral range (red, green, and NIR) with an option to order a synthetic blue band.

boasts two satellites at 75cm resolution, that both include panchromatic and multispectral cameras, acquiring data simultaneously, allowing for greater coverage and stereo pairs. Multispectral capability delivered in 4 channels in visible and near infrared spectral range (red, green, blue, and NIR) in a calibrated and radio metrically corrected product proudly brought to you by LABOS.

operated by the NASA comes in 9 bands: Pan Band (15m), Visible, NIR and SWIR (30m), and TIR (100m).

operated by the European Space Agency can be applied to a host of applications, it offers: Visible, NIR (4 bands) at 10m, RedEdge and NIR (6 bands) at 20m, SWIR (2 bands) at 20m and Cirrus, Aerosol and Water Vapor (3 bands) at 60m.

** Emergency Rush service is available for selected imagery with delivery within hours. Orders are accepted in support of emergency events, global security, maritime surveillance and various other applications in which fast delivery of satellite data is crucial.

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Satellite Imagery

LABOS brings you closer to always having the very latest image at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world.

Online Imagery Webservices

  • Global Services offering as high as 80cm resolution imagery
  • Featuring a “new image of your site every day”
  • Current, complete, and seamless mosaics providing analysis-ready Basemaps, customizable by area and time of interest.

Direct Imagery Downloads

  • Empowering you with the ability to order an image to your specification. 
  • Access to the worlds largest constellation of earth-observation satellites collecting over 300Mil sqkm of imagery daily.

Data Processing

LABOS offers a wealth of experience in the creation and management of geospatial data. From field inventory to capture new data to maintenance of maturing systems, we design solutions to fit each organisation’s needs.

  • Data monitoring and trending solution for geodatabases across all industries
  • Precise photogrammetric services, advanced image processing, rapid processing time
  • Scalable analytical modelling, cutting edge processing
  • Photogrammetric interpretation, feature extraction, image classification & vectorization
  • Complex terrain modelling, orthorectification & radiometric correction
  • Sophisticated image tessellation, seamless mosaicking and tonal balancing
  • Quality assurance, compliance to best practices and international standards
  • Experienced staff & precision tools

Planet Basemaps

Through the Planet Basemaps platform LABOS is able to offer you access to imagery of the world updated daily ensuring you are always empowered to work on the latest image. Its automated best-image-on-top algorithm ensures that you always see the most recent and highest quality imagery.

You can choose to view imagery on demand, seasonally or over a time-lapse of monthly, quarterly or annual mosaics delivered in Red, Green, Blue and Alpha spectral bands.  You even have the option to clip it to your area of interest and download the imagery at 3m resolution for daily imagery scenes or 5m resolution for the mosaic.

You will be granted to a full archive of imagery for PlanetScope, RapidEye, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellites.

Planet Platform

  1. Online Platform where you can search, view and download imagery yourself
  2. An online or in-app imagery service delivering basemaps to your GIS as a layer or customised apps and tools.

Platform Detail

Basemaps are accessible online or as an OGC standard Web Map Tile Service (WMTS service) ready to be added as a layer in your GIS software giving you the ability to view daily imagery or over time.

  • Timeline, filters, and tools make it easy to preview imagery and see change
  • Filter imagery by metadata like cloud coverage and ground sample distance
  • Observe change with side-by-side comparisons of your areas of interest
  • Save your searches and get email updates when new imagery is available